30 Days of Night, Volume 1 Steve Niles  
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In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn't rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to their knees. The only hope for the town is the Sheriff and Deputy, husband and wife who are torn between their own survival and saving the town they love. For the first time, a regular hardcover edition is available.

30 Days of Night, Volume 2 : Dark Days Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith  
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This story follows Stella Olemaun's efforts to warn the world about the threat the vampires pose - the vampires who overran Barrow, Alaska, killing her husband and most of the town. With an exclusive introduction by screenwriter Eric Red (The Hitcher, Near Dark), the flat-out terror of Dark Days will reaffirm the dominance of Niles and Templesmith over the realm of illustrated horror fiction.

30 Days of Night, Volume 3 : Return to Barrow Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith  
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30 Days of Night was one of the undisputed success stories of modern comics, spawning a bestselling trade paperback, a major motion picture deal, and the attention of thousands of fans longing for an innovative tale of terror. Now the same creative team revisits Barrow, Alaska, the town where it all began, as the long night creeps once more over the tundra. Some things may have changed, but the horror remains…

30 Days of Night, Volume 4 : Bloodsucker Tales Steve Niles, Matt Fraction, Ben Templesmith, Kody Chamberlain  
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The world of the undead is a vast one, with many stories remaining to be told. In Bloodsucker Tales, Steve Niles continues the saga of 30 Days of Night with the bloody and terrifying story "Dead Billy Dead," illustrated by talented newcomer Kody Chamberlain. Matt Fraction (Last of the Independents) joins in with "Juarez," introducing Lex Nova, former private detective and free-range madman, illustrated by Ben Templesmith.

30 Days of Night, Volume 5 : Three Tales Steve Niles, Dan Wickline, Nat Jones, Milx, Ben Templesmith  
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This volume collects three stories set in the fan-favorite classic vampire centric world of 30 Days of Night. including the 30 Days of Night 2005 Annual: The Journal of John Ikos, 30 Days of Night: Dead Space, and 30 Days of Night: Picking Up the Pieces.

30 Days of Night, Volume 6 : Spreading The Disease Dan Wickline, Alex Sanchez  
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Crawling from the wreckage of 30 Days of Night: Dead Space is this latest continuation of the 30 Days saga. In "Spreading The Disease," Agent Michael Henson had all the evidence he needed to prove to the world that vampires exist... until the government took it all away.

30 Days of Night, Volume 7 : Eben And Stella Steve Niles, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Justin Randall  
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In the waning moments of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Stella managed to bring her vampire/husband Eben back from beyond... only he came back hungry. Now, for the first time, see what happened next in this collection that fills in the black gaps between that tale and Return to Barrow. Co-creator Steve Niles and Kelly Sue DeConnick co-write this twisted tale of love, depravity, and hunger, moodily brought to life by artist Justin Randall.

30 Days of Night, Volume 8 : Red Snow Ben Templesmith  
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1941. Hitler's Operation: Silver Fox has failed, but the war on the Eastern Front drags on as the Russian winter starts to bite. British military attache Corporal Charlie Keating observes the war from the Soviet side, making sure crucial supplies get through to aid Stalin's front in the battle against the Nazis. With luck, he too will survive to see the end of the war. But something else is out there, and they're not the Nazis. No matter how hard humanity tries to kill itself, something else does it better. 30 Days of Night/Fell co-creator and Wormwood Gentleman Corpse auteur Ben Templesmith's first solo 30 Days tale is collected here, presenting a war of a different kind, one that will have repercussions felt all the way to Barrow, Alaska a half-century later.

30 Days of Night, Volume 9 : Beyond Barrow Steve Niles, Bill Sienkiewicz  
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After years of attacks, and several without, the citizens of Barrow have become united against random attacks on their city by the undead. Unfortunately the same does not apply outside of Barrow or the rest of the mysterious Arctic Circle. Co-creator Steve Niles and legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz take the 30 Days of Night mythos and turn it on its head in a terrifying new graphic novel. Forget everything you ever thought you know about 30 Days of Night and return to Barrow in this all-new tale.

Absolute Batman: Hush Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee  
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The complete best-selling saga written by Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN/BATMAN, Smallville) with art by fan-favorites Jim Lee & Scott Williams (SUPERMAN, Uncanny X-Men) collected together for the first time in the oversized slipcase format! This slipcased edition features the two books "Hush"— an epic tale of friendship, trust and betrayal that spans the Dark Knight’s lifetime. This Absolute edition includes an all-new cover by Lee & Williams, a Jim Lee Sketchbook and issue-by-issue commentary by the creative team.

Absolute Dark Knight Frank Miller, Klaus Janson  
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DC Comics Absolute Editions set the standard for the highest quality, most in-depth presentation of classic graphic novels. Each oversized volume is presented in a slipcase and includes unique additional material making each Absolute Edition a cornerstone of any serious comic collection.

On its publication in 1986, Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS changed the landscape of the graphic novel irrevocably. With its dark vision of Batman’s future and its stunning artwork, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS set the world on fire. 15 years later, Miller’s sequel, THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, further redefined the boundaries of the superhero genre.

Now, both of these comics masterpieces are collected in one giant-sized slipcase edition for the first time ever. Frank Miller has provided a new introduction, a new cover and new art for the slipcase. This edition is also filled with bonus material featuring an excerpt from Miller’s original plot for DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #4, sketchbook material and much more.

Archives Batman 1939-1941 Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Collectif  
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1939. Dans Detective Comics 27, un nouveau personnage costumé envahit l'imaginaire des jeunes lecteurs américains avides de super-héros à pouvoirs depuis l'apparition de Superman l'année précédente. Batman est né. Le justicier de Gotham, millionnaire oisif le jour sous l'identité de Bruce Wayne, redresseur de tort la nuit, part en guerre contre le crime et l'injustice. De nombreux vilains, parmi lesquels le Docteur LaMort ou le Moine, se dressent sur son chemin, et un jeune partenaire vient l'assister dans sa lutte sans fin contre le mal, revêtant le costume bigarré de Robin, le jeune prodige. Retrouvez dans ce volume les épisodes qui auront forgé le mythe de Batman, sous l'impulsion de Bob Kane, assisté de Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, Gardner Fox, Sheldon Moldoff ou encore George Roussos. Les origines d'un grand mythe de l'imaginaire populaire, enfin dans une luxueuse traduction.

Arkham Asylum: Living Hell Dan Slott  
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From one of the comics business' brightest new creative teams comes a Batman tale with a twist - a giant, gut-wrenching, soul-crushing twist! Arkham Asylum: Batman's dustbin where he dumps the worst of the garbage. A melting pot brimming with the curdled milk of human madness, where the warders are as ensnared by the insanity as the inmates. And where a killer has tapped into all that maniacal energy and is channelling it to his own demonic ends! With cameos from Batman, Batgirl and a dark host of famous - and notorious - super villains, including the Joker and Two-Face, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell is living proof of the old adage - you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!

Les Aventures de Luther Arkwright Bryan Talbot  
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Luther Arkwright... Un homme unique à plus d'un titre. Il est le seul à ne pas avoir d'équivalent dans les différentes versions de la terre, le seul à pouvoir passer d'un parallèle à l'autre sans l'aide de machines. Cela fait de lui l'agent parfait pour Wotan, une agence établie sur Zéro-Zéro qui a en charge le maintien de l'équilibre entre les parallèles. Mais les Disrupteurs, une faction tentant d'imposer sa volonté à travers les parallèles, viennent de s'emparer de Firefrost, artefact capable de détruire le multivers. Afin de les empêcher de mettre en pratique leur plan cataclysmique, Arkwright et ses alliés vont devoir tenter le tout pour le tout afin d'attirer les Disrupteurs hors de leur repaire... quitte pour cela à provoquer une guerre mondiale !